WordPress 4.3 Enhanced Text Editor


The newly released version of WordPress 4.3, “Billie” has added 4 new features. I have watched the introductory video.

Really excited to know more every time it releases the new version.

But this time it played so fast that I have to replayed it a few times.

Beside listening to the audio, the demo on the video was too quick in motion for me to grasp, as in technically in typing.  At the first initial play, it has already caught my attention a lot.

WordPress 4.3 has enhanced improvements on the editor box with keyboard shortcuts for text formatting.

What’s so new and what is keyboard shortcuts?

For example, in most text editor boxes, features such as ‘CTRL+b’ is for bold text, ‘CTRL+i’ is for italic text and ‘CTRL+z’ is for undo to previous action.

Theses common features are called keyboard shortcuts. And WordPress has more enhanced keyboard shortcuts.

more enhanced for what purpose?

It simply makes one’s hand to stay on keyboard more than having the need to leave one’s hand reaching out for the mouse and finishes editing with clicks, such as paragraphing or creating list with numbering and bullets.

Thereafter, it also minimize time for returning the same hand back to keyboard and position your forefinger on letter markers of ‘J’ or ‘F’ keys again.

It certainly takes a few seconds and we are already living with the already-professional-way of using keyboard with mouse on word editor.

Yet, this enhancement, has created a better flow in text editing. Macro level of such actions reduce time and improve focus, thus, making typing smoother at your finger tips.

“There is nothing to writing. All you do is sit down at a typewriter and bleed.” – Ernest Hemingway

In a very few words, quicker to compose a draft.

What’s exactly is the new features?

Mainly four, however, I’m going into one that impressed me the most. The enhanced text formatting for creating heading, numbering, bullet and quote.

The use of these 3 key strokes: hashtag (#), asterisk (*), and forward arrow (>). No brackets should include. Key strokes before text.

Below showing the examples.

Headings for 2 hashtags

Headings for 3 hashtags

Headings for 4 hashtags

Heading for 5 hashtags
heading for 6 hashtags
# Headings for 7 hashtags
## Headings for 8 hashtags
### Headings for 9 hashtags
  • First numbering with single asterisk *.
  • Second number auto-appear on entering next line
  • Continue the same for third numbering.
  • Not applicable to 2 or more asterisks.

Double enter for exiting auto numbering and next paragraphing.

This is a quoted line using a single forward arrow >.

> This is a quoted line using two forward arrows >>

There are also other features. Please check out this video for more detail.