Installed Neuro Pro 3, Some Screenshots

Last updated on August 24th, 2013 at 02:48 pm

Have just purchased a new responsive Wordpress Theme, which I decided to choose Neuro Pro 3 and apply to all my 5 existing blogs.

This change is considered an essential upgrade to Pro version, from the previous free Responsive and Neuro Theme. Latest Neuro Pro 3 comes with completely new framework. Neuro Pro 3 WP Theme

The new framework’s code is light years better than the old framework, in quality, capability and extensibility. The design and features have also received an overhaul. – CyberChimps Blog, Posted on July 29, 2013

The free version gives a positive and satisfactory experiences. Except for the “Call To Action” button which couldn’t figure out what’s the purpose for, as used by a regular blogger.

All theses are analyze radically with chains of conservative thoughts.

I don’t buy junks, you see my point?

The change would help to ease up my time than to eat up all those precious hours for managing trivialize issues in technical aspects. It happens when one owns several blogs.

Web issues bound to exist in bloggers’ interest, just like how a borderline cyclopath will encounter learning to repair loose roller chains or puncture tire.

Be it technical or maintenance, there are especially taxing when its spread all over a few WordPress Themes in all blogs.

I’m quite a perfectionist, so you can see how annoyingly disturbing when only one blog gets affected? That’s why I wrote a post few days ago on Learning Generic WordPress Theme.

So this change is good. When technical issues happens, its easier to isolate, rectify, and apply regime of tweaks across all blogs.

The point to note is foreseeable: it does help to channel more productive hours to work efficiently on content-writing.

Now, all my blogs using Neuro Pro 3 developed by CyberChimps Responsive WordPress Themes.

It’s the first time installing a newly purchased WP theme. I follow this few steps described below to install a new theme in zipped file.

  1. All following activities happen in Dashboard > appearance > Manage Themes from tab menu
  2. Activate the officially given WP theme from For 2013, Twenty Thirteen. (By default)
  3. Trash out the older WP Theme which you have been using it. Delete it.
  4. Click Install Themes from the tab menu, then click Upload.
  5. On the same Tab Page, click Browse button to navigate to the zipped file of your purchased WP Theme.
  6. Finished by clicking Install button.

Below sharing some of the almost default installed theme. Nothing has adjusted. however, I noticed some differences from the right column  and bottom footer. Settings from previous theme might have migrated together with new theme.

Not much of a hassle, but a mouse-click away. Simply apply Drag-and-Drop in the Widgets menu.

Left side of WordPress Template added with some new menus. Feature Slides, Carousel, and Contacts

Obviously, more alteration has to be done to beautify the new WordPress Theme with new cosmetics.

Top Of Page
Bottom Of Page
WP Appearance Page
WP Appearance Page
Neuro Pro 3, Appearance
Neuro Pro 3, Appearance


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