Firefox Address Bar, Google Search Change to English Only

Firefox address bar can be used as Google Search, however, it returns the results with different language while traveling oversea. If you are using Firefox browser, it would have happened to you.

Firefox is localized for Google Search.

Traveling to China, HongKong or Taiwan, even for larger continents such as Russia, France or Germany; the search result don’t return completely in English Language, either. right

As much as one loves to travel or lives in a foreign country, Google search results definitely suit best if there are only customized to your preferred language.

As for mine, English language is always preferred.

One typical method for most regular users is to save the preference on your first-use-first-search to browser cookies. Simply click the link “Change to English” located on the right side of the search page.

Change to English, Google Search
“Change to English” Circled at Right Side of Result Page

For mine preference is considered uncommon setting. I normally clear my cookies on every session.

This setting is in the drop-down list of Options > Privacy > History > Never Remember History.

With this particular option, clicking “Change to English” preference will never save in the cookies.

Never Remember History
Never Remember History

Hence, on every first-use of new session with Firefox Browser, Google search results will always return with the localized Language, Chinese if you are in Taiwan, Russian if you are in Russia, etc, etc

I’m using WIndows 8.1. Shouldn’t be much difference for earlier Windows OS.

Herein, sharing how I solve for Firefox address bar with Google Search change to English permanently.

  1. Close Firefox browser application.
  2. Locate your explorer to your Drive:\Program Files (x86)\Mozilla Firefox\browser\searchplugins.
  3. Look up the file google.xml and open it with Notepad application.
  4. Edit google.xml by simply add <Param name=”hl” value=”en”/> as a new line
  5. Save and close the file to complete this change.
  6. Open Firefox browser to test, it should work like a charm!
Google.xml setting language
Google.xml setting language

What else is left out undone?

Though, search result has permanently returned in English on every new session of Firefox browsing, its domain suffix remains unchanged and localized, i.e. “” or “”.

I have yet to find out how to fully configure it as Worldwide, like “” or even set to “No Country Redirect” of “”.

Everything looks good and fit-for-use, only that I feel satisfactory for my browser configuration at this stage.

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