Configuring GIMP to Single-Window Mode

Last updated on August 22nd, 2017 at 11:25 pm

The default GIMP application on it’s first installed appears as multi-window mode.

This includes seperable dialog windows on both side of the graphical interface window.

All these dialogs are movable and able to close individually, except for the main graphical interface which exit the entire GIMP application.

Mult-windows having its cross marks to close application might be confused with the other underlaying applications which could be your web-browser.

It was on my first-use I have mistakenly closed the web browser, thinking that was the actual GIMP graphic editor to exit the application.

Below briefly describe the left and right panels consist of by default.

  • Left Panel, labeled as “Toolbox – Tool Options”
    • Toolbox showing gird-formatted icons in upper part
    • Tool Options as a single-tab menu at lower part
  • Right Panel labeled as “Layers – Brushes”
    • Layers, with other tab menu of Channels, Paths, and Undo
    • Brushes, Patterns and Gradient dock inthe lower half.

How to config GIMP graphics editor from Multi-Windows Mode to Single-Window Mode?

As beginner, one would soon get annoyed by this instance of closing the wrong windows. So its better to configure GIMP to Single-Window Mode.

Here how it goes: Top Menu > Windows > Single-Window Mode.

GIMP docked as Single Window Mode
GIMP docked as Single Window Mode
GIMP undocked
GIMP undocked
GIMP, Single Window Mode
GIMP, Single Window Mode