Making Firefox as Google Search Default

Last updated on August 24th, 2013 at 02:50 pm

Be default installation, Google Search setting resides in the configuration of Firefox browser.

So it’s not a hassle after all. It is still a good setting, but with a longer query of string parameters.firefox-navigation-bar

In another words, your Google Search actually passes through several filtering and narrowing your keywords till it reaches a specific recommendation. More likely, to a direct web address.

To search for “apple“, you may expect search results listing all possibilities on this keyword, instead of bringing you directly to the best-known official website of electronics gadgets.

Next, try typing “milk” or “coffee“, it will probably constrain your search and surf you to the official Wikipedia website.

Having more information is your intention, but not confining to what the default setting has defined.

So how to make Firefox browser as your optimum Google Search, with more liberated search results without any constraints?

You may call it a hack, tweak or tips, there are all tried and proven configuration. This simple configuration is safer than a lighted matchstick that burn your fingers. No harm trying, but all to gain.

Below sharing steps on how to make Firefox browser as your optimum Google Search.

There are 3 changes to edit.

  1. Type “about:config” at the URL address bar. (Or navigation toolbar)
  2. Warning message appear as “This might void your warranty!”
  3. Rest-assured, proceed to click “I’ll be careful, I promise!”.
  4. New page appear with list of Preference Name, Status, Type and Value.
  5. First changes:
    • At the Search text-input, (not the URL input), type “keyword”. List gets shorter as you type.
    • Look out for “keyword.URL” in first column of ‘Preference Name‘.
    • Select and double-click the parameter.
    • You see a lenghty link. That is the default google search link.
    • Replace it with this shorter link ““.
    • Enter to done.
  6. Second Changes:
    • Preference Name, select “keyword.enabled
    • Default value is ‘true’. Changes, if necessary, otherwise remain as Default.
    • Enter to done.
  7. Third Changes:
    • Back to search text-input, enter “fixup”
    • List of Preference Names show up, select  ‘browser.fixup.alternate.enabled‘.
    • Double click to toggle Value to ‘false’.
    • This disable the auto guessing of prefix and suffix, such as www,  .com, .net, etc.
    • Enter to done and complete.
  8. Start your Google search from your URL address bar.
  9. Alternatively, you may use shortcut key: Ctrl+l


The default link could be:-

  1. “”. Or
  2. “”

Here explains the parameter on the much shorter link, “” you have just input.

  •” ~ Home link of Google Search.
  • /search?” ~ action to start search.
  • hl” ~ abbreviate Host Language
  • =en” ~ English as chosen language
  • &q=” ~ Query to take action.

Hope this optimized feature is helpful in your Google Search.

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